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A Partnership of WaterPIO and WaterComm.Co
A Partnership of WaterPIO and WaterComm.Co
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You have 24 hours to announce a lead exceedance.|You’ve discovered lead service lines in your system.|You need customers to take accurate water samples.|You’ve found lead in one of your elementary schools.

What do you do?

The new Lead and Copper Rule doesn’t just create multiple compliance challenges for water providers.

It also creates multiple public communication flashpoints that will put their reputations at risk.

Ask yourself these questions:

Are you ready to create proactive, public information campaigns about the new Lead and Copper Rule?

Are you ready to handle customer concerns when lead is discovered in your lines or drinking water?

Are you ready to alert all of your customers to a systemwide lead finding in less than 24 hours?

If you answered no to any of these questions, you’re not ready for the new Lead and Copper Rule.

You need LeadCopperRule.com’s Communications Toolkit.

Our budget-conscious turnkey services will enable you to stay ahead of the new LCR for years to come.

The moment you sign on, you gain access to tried-and-true, public communication plans and products.  Our tools are ready in an instant, and we can help guide your efforts with 24/7 assistance.

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You’ll be ready to protect the public’s trust in your water. From Day One.

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Prepared by leading experts in the water industry.

Our services are a partnership of WaterPIO and WaterComm.co, two experts in the water communications industry.

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Founded in 2016, WaterPIO is a national public communications firm dedicated to helping water utilities, local governments, and engineering firms affordably improve their customer, media, and crisis communications. Because of its track record of success in more than 15 states, WaterPIO has been tapped to provide public communication assistance to several communities across the country facing major lead issues, including Benton Harbor, Michigan.

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A brand of TTV Consulting, WaterComm.Co was created to elevate the possibilities within public information. Since 2015, the consulting firm has been working with cities, municipalities, and engineering and planning firms to transform the way water utilities and public works departments communicate with customers. WaterComm.Co has been invited to participate in public involvement opportunities nationally and globally, helping to turn project and program opponents into ambassadors by creating and executing unconventional engagement opportunities.

Lead Service Line Inventories

The new LCR requires utilities to conduct lead service line inventories.  You need to tell your customers about your work BEFORE lead lines are found in their front yards.

Lead Testing by Customers

The new LCR changes the sampling process your customers will use in their homes. You’ll need to explain the changes well to avoid incorrect test results.

School and Childcare Testing

The new LCR will look for lead in every non-secondary school and childcare business. You must fully inform parents ahead of possible findings to protect your reputation.

24/7 Crisis Communications

The new LCR cuts the 30-day public notification window for a systemwide lead exceedance down to just 24 hours.  If you’re not ready in time, the press and the public could panic.